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Acrobatic Classes


Our Acrobatic classes are tailored to promote safe and effective progressions, endorsed by proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering, and Tumbling. Our simple and thoughtful progressions segue the beginner Pre-primary level dancer from log rolls to summersaults and ultimately, to an advanced, graceful, and effortless tumbling across the stage.

At the start, students will learn basic stunts like forward rolls, cartwheels, and beginner balances. As the students advance, they'll add skills like more complex tumbling, balances, lifts, and partner stunts. With each class, each student will discover a new level of skill, strength, and flexibility.

  • Our Primary Acrobatics class is a 45-minute combination class that includes learning and mastering gymnastics, acrobatics, as well as dance and music to stimulate physical and mental development.


    Classes are loads of fun, with a focus on the development of gross motor skills (such as jumping, running, climbing, and balancing), and an introduction to tumbling (such as somersaults, cartwheels, and handstands).

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    Primary Acrobatics I (Ages 6-8)

  • Our Acrobatics I curriculum is designed to lay the foundation for basic acrobatic skills for beginners. At this level, students will learn fundamental movements like forward rolls, cartwheels, and beginner balances. Through carefully structured progressions, students will develop fundamental techniques and concepts that ensure safe and effective advancement in acrobatic skills. This level emphasizes developing proper technique, body awareness, strength, and flexibility.

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    Acrobatics I (Ages 9-10)

  • Acrobatics II is the next stage of our Acrobatics Dance curriculum, where students will advance to more complex movements while still maintaining a safe and structured environment. Students will build upon their previous training, learning more intricate skills such as back handsprings, round-offs, and partner stunts. Emphasis is placed on proper execution and perfection of foundational skills, to prepare students for more challenging movements. Through engaging practices and drills, students will enhance their strength, coordination, and agility.

    Classes Coming Soon!

    Acrobatics II (Ages 11-12)

  • At the Acrobatics III/IV level, students are ready to tackle challenging, expert-level movements. This level emphasizes high-level acrobatic skills, with a focus on the integration of technical dance elements. Students will learn skills like aerials, front and back tucks, and handsprings. Instruction is provided on intricate technical elements such as timing, rhythm, and balance. Acrobatics III/IV places emphasis on execution, form, and artistry, while building strength, flexibility, and control. This level is for intermediate to advanced students, who have mastered fundamental techniques and are ready to push their physical boundaries.

    Classes Coming Soon!

    Acrobatics  III/VI (Ages 13-18)

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